Why AmiViz

AmiViz is the first B2B enterprise marketplace focussed on Cybersecurity business in the Middle East and Africa, designed specially to serve the interests of enterprise resellers and vendors. Driven by innovation and AI powered technology, AmiViz provides a unique collaborative self-service tool – in the form of a mobile app on iOS and Android, as well as a web-based Portal - to enterprise resellers, consultants, system integrators, channel partners and vendors.

AmiViz has a rich experience in evangelizing leading cybersecurity technologies and offers one of its kind consumer style e-commerce platform with a fusion of human touch, offering products and services catering to localized market conditions and regulations across the MEA region.

AmiViz represents over 40 leading and niche vendors covering the entire spectrum of cybersecurity, including End Point Protection & Identity Management, Threat Intelligence, Cloud Security, Network & Data Analytics and Risk & Compliance, enabling customers to protect their critical Information Assets and Infrastructure.

An ideal blend of channel empowerment of over 500 partners and a deep-rooted ethos of attaining excellent customer experiences has helped AmiViz build a strong customer capital of 3,000+ across industries like Government, BFSI, Oil & Gas, Telcos and large enterprises.

AmiViz’s core philosophy is based on four key pillars of its platform – Collaboration, Automation, CEC Lab and Data Intelligence. The collaboration tool along with automation in order-processing empowers AmiViz to support reseller partners and vendors with a central repository of all information pertaining to the life span of the deal data. The Customer Experience Centre (CEC Lab) allows partners to white label with their logos and use the demo lab services to demonstrate products and technology integration with other products to demonstrate end-to-end solutions. The AI capabilities of the platform help in product recommendation for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, while Data Intelligence gives partners and vendors transparent visibility of information that can make their collaboration experience comprehensive and demonstrate ease of doing business with us.

Today, email communication is becoming less relevant and more time consuming with slow response times. The AmiViz platform introduces new collaboration tools to communicate with the customers and partners during the post covid era. Based on instant messaging, all communication happens on individual chats and deals chat (group chat) with all stake holders in the eco system of partners, customers, and vendors. The tool offers multiple options in terms of mobile app and web portal to communicate and collaborate. At the same time, it is also designed to work with existing emails to help transition over a period of time.

AmiViz solves the challenge of bringing automation in order management and processing on a real time basis. For the first time in VAD business, AI and ML models and algorithms have been used to effectively engage with multiple users in a reseller organisation from different departments like Sales, Technical, Marketing, Procurement and Finance. It uses a modern AI engine to show relevant information based on user profile.

It has always been a struggle and challenge for technology companies to identify and target the right audience within the reseller community to increase the channel base and grow the revenues. This platform helps position technology solutions based on the users profile including Geography, Complementary Technology portfolio, competitive positioning, amongst others. You can now customise your messages to an individual from a single platform with access to 10,000 + users.

CRM tools are getting outdated and are seen more as compliance by sales teams. Data analytics is becoming more and more important to help make the right decision. The platform provides data in various formats and templates to monitor the relevant business parameters. These insights help take more informed decision making, leading to effective campaigns and revenue growth.

Modern dashboards are available and can be customized to give visibility to data based on the roles and responsibilities of people in the reseller and vendor world. It gives instant visibility to all aspects of business related to sales, demo & PoC, Invoices, payments, and reports. Customer reviews and ratings help you understand and give instant visibility to customer feedback and response across all levels in the organization.

In the post COVID era, there is reluctance of customers towards physical meetings and interactions. It is all virtual these days. The challenge that all technology vendors face in the New normal is to find way to showcase their technology working in a customer environment integrated with other products. CEC lab of AmiViz helps solve the problem by simulating a unique customer-specific environment in the cloud, and then run a demonstration in this environment – all without having to meet physically. Instant reviews and feedback help understand the customer response to your demo.